Sarus Crane Birding

Sarus Crane Birding activity No. 2 to Ayeyarwaddy Delta trip on 27 July 2019( Saturday)

Sarus Crane Birding

The activity was launched and collaborated by S.S.T tourism and MBNS with participation 14 bird lovers. We leaved from Yangon at 7:00 am. First day, we had done active birding around Eimae Township and recorded about 9 Sarus Cranes and other nice birds. The next day, we started birding trip by boat at the CBT initiated villages around Kyone-ka-pyin and Tekseik village, Shwelaung Township such our highlight for Jerdon’s Babbler. We recorded three Jerdon’s Babblers, a few Sarus Crane again, Asian Golden, Streaked, Baya Weavers and lovely native species.

Sarus Crane Birding team

All participants enjoyed very much and totally recorded about 64 bird species.

Most of bird lovers in our group are Tourist Guides. They are very enthusiastic to be participated in the next activities too.

Sarus Crane Birding

And, we discussed with local community to occupy land ownership for Jerdon’s Babbler territory since the famers burn and clean the habitats of Jerdon’s Babbler to enlarge their cultivated areas every year. They said, they have explained and requested to a France who is expeditionary from French Government to investigate the conservation work at mention areas.

Moreover, we have taught about giving awareness to Primary School to be launched education program for bird and nature conservation in the Bird Conservation areas Warkhaema and Shwe-laung Township. And, to implement Community Based Tourism by WCS for Foreign Bird watchers and Local Birders to be sustainable development in the region.

In conclusion, our activity was finished successful birding action and complete suggestion of long term sustainable management plan for local community too.