Three Pyu world heritages sites in Myanmar, which recommended by UNESCO in 2014


Three Pyu world heritages sites in Myanmar, which recommended by UNESCO in 2014 to assist the local community struggling for sustainable development..

Halin Pyu World Heritage

Pyu Ancient Cities Tour

World Heritage Myanmar tour takes you to Pyu ancient cities such as Sri Ksetra near Pyay(Prome),Beikthano near Magwe, Halin near Shwebo in upper Myanmar.

( 1 ) The Sriksetra Pyu ancient city( 1 to 4 AD )

Sri Ksetra Pyu City
Sri Ksetra Pyu City

It is located at 5 miles east part of Pyay city. ( Prome ).Bago Division, Myanmar.

King Duttabaung is the first seated the throne in that dynasty.

The last king is call Thupyinya Nagara Hsaneda.

The MON stone script of king Kyansit Tha period ( 1084 – 1113 ) mentioned that,

in the year of nirvanas of lord Buddha, the Beikthanos hermit will establish the Srikettra city. It is predicted by lord Buddha.

How grand, how smart and how big city of Srikettra is you can imaging , after you walk around the old city and see the evident of Baw Baw Gyi pagoda, Payagyi Pagoda and Payamar pagoda.

The city wall is between oval and cycle shape. It is about 8 miles and 5 furlong long. Some rest parts of city wall is 15 feet and 4 inches height and it is 17 feet thick.

The first excavator is Dr. E. Forchammaer( 1882 )

The second excavator is Leon deBeylie ( 1907 ) and Mr. Taw Sein Ko.

The Third excavator is Mons. Duroiselle, Taw Sein Ko and U Lu Pe Win.( 1945 )

The archaeology department also act as continuator since 1963.

Presently , you can see the ancient building, the ancient Pyu scripts, the ancient urns, the ancient Pyu coins, the ancient stone carving, the statues of Hinduism, the ancient furniture, and the ancient figures of fictional artifacts.

How to get there

You can arrive to Pyay ( Prome ) by bus, ( 5 hrs drive ) by car ( 4 hrs drive ), by train ( 6 hrs ride )

When you arrive to Pyay, you can hire the horse cart, Tok Tok taxi, to go to Hmaw Zar village within 30 minutes to one hour. At the old city cite, the museum and the archeology collage are located.

You can get the guest house and restaurant at Pyay.

For detail information, please contact to SST Tourism, Yangon, Myanmar.

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Email; [email protected]

( 2 ) Beikthano Pyu ancient city( 1 AD to 4 AD)

Beikthano, One of Three Pyu World Heritage Sites in Myanmar recommended by UNESCO
Beikthano Pyu anicient city

It is located at 11 miles west part of Taung Twin Gyi city, Magway Division. Myanmar.

It is close to north part of Kokkokwa village.

It is also call Panhtwa ancient city.

It is mentioned that, the king Dutabaung was arrived to the Panhtwa city for tax collection. Later he took the Panhtwa princess as a queen.

It was excavated from 1958 to 1963 for 6 times. ( By U Aung Thaw, U Myint Aung, U Bo Kay, and U Sein Maung U. )

The city wall is square like shape. One side is about 2 miles long.

Some parts are rest about 6 feet height.

You can see the low hill part at east side. There are a wide lake at the west and the old city wall is lost under the low rice field.

Kokkokwa village is located at the south part of the old city.

The car road from Taung Twin Gyi town to Magway city is pass the city wall two time at the point of south east parts.

One side of city wall have 3 main entrance. The palace site is located at the center of the city wall. At the in side of the palace wall , you can see a drinking water pond.

There are some old building in underground of the city wall and some cemeteries at out side of the city wall.

You can see the

The city wall and its defenses. The entrance gates. Some residences. The ancient finger print bricks. Some urns. Some beads. Some earth pots. Some stone carving. Some Pyu coins. Some bones of animal and human being.

How to get there

Yangon to Taung Twin Gyi bus is running either day time or night time every day.

You can use the train from Yangon to Pyay, then change the train at Pyay and to Taung Twin Gyi .

You can reach to Beikthano ancient city from Taung Twin Gyi by hired car, Tok Tok taxi and horse cart within 30 minutes.

You can get guest house and restaurant at Taung Twin Gyi town.

For detail information, please contact to SST Tourism, Yangon, Myanmar.

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Email;[email protected]

( 3 ) Halin Pyu ancient city(4 AD to 8 AD)


Hanlin Heritage Tour

Halin World Heritage Pyu ancient city, UNESCO World Heritage site tour with the Halin Heritage Trust community caring their culture and environment

It is located at on the car road from Mandalay to Shwebo, 11 miles from Sainai Conner and it is 10 miles 5 furlong from south east of Shwebo town. It is close to east part of Hta Naung Gone village and now it is located in land of U Pho Ya.

The first excavation of the old city is in 1905.There are more than 10 sites are excavated. The supervisors of the excavation are U Sein Maung U is at first and second time. The third and fourth time is U Myint Aung and the fifth and the last time also supervised by U Myint Aung , it is from 1966 to 1967 . They got the result of

The city wall and its protective, the rest of old city among the present residential areas., some tombs at cemeteries, the water storage embankment, finger mark brick, some earth pots, beads, earth utensils, stone tools and stone carving, coins, and ion tools and ion utensils. Also they found some ores for ornaments.

How to get there

Fly to Mandalay or by bus to Mandalay.

Then use the bus to Shwebo town. Drop on the way at before 11 miles of Sainai Conner.

There are every days bus are running from Mandalay to Shwebo town.

Or you can go up to Shwebo and hire the Tok Tok taxi at Shwebo. Then go to the ancient site.

You can get the guest house and restaurant at Shwebo town.

For detail information, please contact to SST Tourism, Yangon, Myanmar.

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Email; [email protected]