Tattoos Myanmar Naga Land (Trip Report)

Body Tattooed of Naga Man

Tattoos of Myanmar Naga Land

The Tattoos Anthropological Research trip at Myanmar Naga Land (Trip Report)

The trip start on 30/3/14 as the expert Dr.Lars Krutak from Smithsonian institution, U.S.A arrived to Mandalay on that day. I go and pick up him at Mandalay airport on that morning and we discuss the plan for trip to Myanmar Naga Land. Next day on 31/3/14(Sunday) we fly to Khanti, gate way to Naga Land is only once a week with Sun far Myanmar airways special flight. The flight time to Khanti is about one and half hour flight. Our local guide, U Kyaw waits us at Khanti airport. The local guide leads us to Aye Kaung Mying guest house. After check in, we have to take our lunch at local restaurant called Pyone Thazin. After that, we are lucky to see the Yong Kom ladies face tattoo at Khanti who transfer from YOM KOM village, Nan Yun township.We got the first chance to take the photos to these two ladies in our first day trip. After that we go and meet the Naga leader U Hla Phay. He is more than 80 years old and he told us about his life and gave some information of Naga Nationalities Group. We ask what we want to know from him too.

1st Aprial, 2014 ( Tuesday )

On first April 2014, we have to extend our trip to LEHE Town. But we have chance to visit Khanti morning market and to see more Naga minority tribes. We got from there to take the photos of Laing Naung, Hi Myay and Yong Kom Naga face tattoo ladies on this morning who we saw them in Khamti market.. When we cross the Chin Dwin River to Sin Thay village, it is already 09:00 hrs.

We have another good chance to take the photos of Yong Kom ladies at Sin Thay village too. We visited to their home and took the photos of them and their family. Dr.Lars presents to them as souvenir such as glasses for reading and nail cutters. They are happy and we got big friendship from them.

When we leave Sin Thay village, it is already 11:00 hrs. Our car driver is the stationed local man from Sin Thay village and he is the third generation of Chinese descendent. After one and half hour drive, we arrive the Long Ngauk the Naga village where can take lunch at there. There is a small private restaurant and we can get the Myanmar Naga mixed food for our lunch. We also enjoyed the food which our local guide and driver brought extra food too. When we drive about 2 and half hour after lunch, we arrive to LEHE, the capital of Naga self administration region. The town is surrounded with height mountain and located about 4000 ft above sea level. Our friend U Saa Mu is a Naga leader and also the member of Myanmar government parliament too. As he has the small guest house and tea shop, we stayed at his guest house.

2 nd April, 2014 ( Wednesday )

Today is 2nd April we got fine weather in the morning. We afraid the bad weather because the rain arrive to Naga Land earlier than the main of Myanmar. Actually in April is rained already in Naga Land. But we are lucky that there are no sign of rain in this morning. So we plan to visit to Myo Ma Quarter of LEHE, as we got good weather. We have good chance to take the photos of tattoo of 2 Laing Naung Naga men in this morning. Dr.Lars took their photos very carefully and with the great appreciation to them.Also we make the interviews to them about their tattoo history. They both of two are the Naga head hunters.We give good present to them and say good bye with appreciate.

When we leave LEHE to drive to Yong Kom village is already 10:00 hrs. Our the skill driver Ko Htike is driving very carefully about 2 hrs, we arrive to village. We passed mountain and mountain and villages and village with car and enjoy the scenery of Naga Land. We go and meet our friend U Mg Than at village and introduce administrator U Than Ran. He brings us to village monastery and introduce us the head monk U Dhama Nandar Linkara. We have to stop at his monastery for a night. He gives us thick blankets to prevent from cold. Naga Land is located at more than 4000 feet sea level attitude. Every where have cold temperature. Its will about 8’C when we arrive to village. We have chance to take the photos of Yong Kom men and women in village for 5persons. These men and women are old age. Some are look about 85-90 years old. As they lost the tattoo practice for more than 40 years ago, the young generation are no more tattoo practice.

There are many reasons for lost of tattoo practice, the most reason is they are no more to fight each other for their race as the government can control the areas and can manage the laws and order to the areas. The other such as the Christian missionary arrived to their places and teach them not to be practice for tattoo. And the young generations are not interest to practice the tattoo currently. Because of that, the new tattoo practice at Naga Land is disappeared now.

3 rd April, 2014( Thursday )

Naga Tattoos in Myanmar Naga Land
Naga Tattoos

Today is the 3rd April. As good weather in the morning we plan to drive to Kya Wan village where the Yom Kom people live at that village too. After about 1 hour drive with north direction, we have to cross the beautiful Yom Kom creek which is flowing peacefully in Naga Land. Only the one Yong Kom man we have chance to take the photos for tattoos. This man is U Tone Ti, his is about 75 years old and look healthly.We make the interview about his tattoo too. Kya Wan is a small village and only 20 houses in village. But they have the outpost of the Myanmar Army.

When we leave the village, it is said about 11:00 Am already. Dr.Lars finish of his interview and we drive back to Yon Kom village for our lunch. When we are ready to drive back to San Tone and Ma Kyan

Naga villages, we say good bye to our local guide U Mg Than and the Yon Kom villagers. We have to drive to San Tone village first, it is about one hour and 45 minutes drive from the Yong Kom village.

When we arrive the village, unfortunately, we not meet the village administrator, as he is at his farm in the day time. But we are lucky to meet the village shaman U Mg Nel. He arranges to meet 3 men and 2 women for tattoo photos. He has the shaman tattoo at his calf.

A young boy called Ah Sann also assist us as short translator when we meet with Naga old peoples. Dr.Lars appreciates him very much because of his smart translation. There are no people can speak Myanmar in the village.

We go around the village and took some photos records and some interview to these tattoo practice men and women about 3 hrs. When sky becomes dark, we need to proceed to Ma Kyan village where the originated Ma Kyan Naga tribes based.

We arrive to Ma Kyan village after 45 minutes drive from San Tone village. The village has about 120 houses and we meet the village head U Maung. He placed us at village monastery and the head monk of the monastery was away from the village for three month already U Maung said. But we meet the three novices who guard the monastery. We have to stay at that village for a night.

Naga Tattoos in Myanmar Naga Land
Naga Tattoos

4 th April, 2014, ( Friday )

After finish of our breakfast at monastery which prepared by our Local guide U Kyaw, the village head leads us for the tattoo photos of 2 men and 3women who are more than 80 years old in village. They have the typical Ma Kyan Naga Tattoo practice at neck, shoulder, arms and legs. We make interview to them about their history of tattoo practice. We understand that most tattoo tapping teachers are women. Dr. Lars recorded the tattoo practice of Ma Kyan Naga carefully and make the voice of Naga man dance. After that we back to monastery and take our lunch with the village head. After lunch we visit to Naga leader house ( locally call Naga Sawbwa. Unfortunately, the Sawbwa is away from home, we meet only his wife. As the chief wife have tattoo at her leg, we took the photo to her and Dr. Lars took the photos of the skull of wild life which are kept as decoration at home..After that we drive back to Lahe, when the sun close to set. We overnight stop at U Saa Mu guest house for a night.

5 th April, 2014 ( Saturday )

The 5th April is a little cloudy in the morning. We are preparing to drive to LONE KIN & KALE Makyan Naga villages by motorbike. We need to carry the lunch box with us and Dr.Lar gets the camera box with him and ready to ride the motorbike for 30 minutes to our destination. We started to leave LEHE at 08:00 hrs with 3 motorbikes. We worry about the weather of rain, if it is rain, we need to stop on the way. The chairman of Naga self administration U Ru San Kyuu advised us that it is danger, if we ride motorbike in the rain in Naga Land.

After 30 minutes ride the motorbike from LEHE, crossing the hill and forest, we arrive to LONE KIN village and the village head U Tan Ke wait us at his home with his village members. He introduces us with his mother who have the tattoo of The Makyan Naga tribe . Dr.Lars took the photos and interview of her tattoo history. We took 2 men and 1 woman tattoo at that village including the village Sawbwa. Then we say good bye with appreciation to the village head and his team.

About 12:30 noon, we leave and proceed to KALE, the Makyan Naga village. We meet with the village assistance head U Ah Mg, he sent us to 3 men who are more than 80 years old and one man call U Shel Maung who got the article with his photos brought by Dr.Lars. We show his photos and Dr.Lars happily take the photos to him for Makyan Naga tattoo records. We invited him to lunch with us and we got late lunch for the day. Dr.Lars makes some interviews with Naga elderly about their tattoo back ground and their views on tattoo practice.

When we leave KALE village, the villagers are back from their farms already. It is say about 17 30 hrs. We meet them on the way back to LEHE. We have to stop at LEHE for a night. There is no rain in this evening.

6 th April, 2014, ( Sunday )

The last night have heavy rain in LEHE. We are very worried for the next day trip to YAN KYONE village for KYAN Naga tattoo expedition. The motorbike ride from LEHE to YAN KYONE is an

adventure and it will last for 6 hrs one way. Fortunately, we got rain stop on the morning of 6th April. So, we leave LEHE at 08:30 hrs with three motorbike including lunch box. We have to pass the Tat Yan village after we cross the Tat Yan creek, then after one hr ride we arrive to Lan Tin village before our lunch.

We took the lunch on the way in the forest camp. We saw only two people in the camp and they are working with heavy machine for road construction when we pass with our lunch. The constructed earth road will arrive to YAN KYONE village in next year and their work for this year will stop before rain come.

After we pass the YAN KYONE river via cane suspension bridge: we have to up the bike ride up to LAUNG KEE village. It is look adventure ride. I have been fallen from motorbike together with the bike driver when we cross the little stream at bank of valley. Fortunately, it is not got any pains in the body. We can proceed our ride of normal ride. We arrive to LAUNG KEE village at about 17:30 hrs. It is a big

KYAN Naga village. There we can get the spectacle face tattoo in the village. We go and meet the village head U Saa Par. He is a young and stouk man and look very kind to us. He sent us 2 men and 1 woman home for KYAN Naga tattoo. We saw more men with spectacle face tattoo from India site he said. We are proceed to YAN KYONE village. Both of villages are very big and closed .

When our motorbike stopped in front of the village head’s house, the village head U TOE LONE welcomes us with his ever smiling face. He is also a young man and looked very friendly to us. He is a handsome man and has a white skin. We have to talk with him and let him knows that we come for tattoo anthropology study to your village and your peoples. He told to us that he is very happy to assist to us and please free feel to let him know whatever we want to do. Then he goes to outpost of military post and report of our arrival to village with our special permit.

YAN KYONE is a beautiful village and the Naga chief ( Sawbwa ) U Wan Mar is living in this village. He is a good leader and organized his people to the right ways of living: to live peacefully and to collaborate each other. Because of that point, the village is looked clean and have fulfillment of trades and religions.

The 7 th April, 2014, ( Monday )

Today on the 7th April, we have to visit village start from old Sawbwa PAN , PAN is a young Naga men and women gathering building. Mostly they keep the PAN at entrance of village or at hill top of village to notice the enemy arrival and fire broke out in the village.YAN KYONE is a big village. They have 4 PAN in the village. Some are old and some are looked new.The name of another three PAN are named AYA PAN , LONE SAT PAN and BAN MINE PAN. There are good natures of these PAN in Naga land, for their own protections.

We visited the Naga Christian AYA PAN followers home and BAN MINE PAN followers home. Dr.Lars took photos record of the tattoos of the villagers and we make some interviews to them too. They are almost old already. Say that round about 80 years old. They look some strange to us when we go and meet and took the photos. They look never experience on it. Anyhow Dr.Lars is exciting on those peoples too. Then the day time is finished for the day: we stop at YAN KYONE village for a night again.

The 8 th April, 2014, Monday.

On this morning we prepared to leave the village and to proceed to PON YO village where the PON NYO Naga are lives.. The weather is look a little cloudy and we have to rough to leave from the village before the rain comes. Because the road from YAN KYONE to LAN TIN village is look an adventure trail.

When we leave the Yan kyone, Naga Village., The sky is with full of cloud and too close to us.

We say good bye to Village head with heart full thank and expected to see next time. After we pass the Laung Kee Village, it is about 7:30 hrs and the spray of water are overcome to our body. I feel it is a spraying of rain. After we drive the motor bike for down slope about 2 hrs and cross the suspension bridge, we arrive to camp for our breakfast. Our local guide prepared the first food of instant muddle for our group and we enjoy our breakfast with the standing position in the deep forest. We serve our boiled muddle to the camp man too.

We arrive to Lan Tin Naga Village about 12:00 hrs noon after up and down crossing the mountain and forest about 2:30 hrs . We stop there for our lunch ,our local guide and motor bike men are prepare for

the lunch at the Village house. The motorbike men are make to cool down their motor bike engine by putting the water to their engine head. The smoke are come out heavily when the water and engine meet because of heat .

It is a quick lunch at Village. After lunch we had to proceed to Pon Nyo Village where the Pon Nyo Naga are live. When we leave the Lan Tin Village it is about 13:00 hrs .When

Leaving the Village, Dr.Lars Plan to record of our team movement in Naga land Village to Village for 5 minutes video shoot. He took the ride at front of our team and start to move to Pon Nyo.

The ways to Pon Nyo Village is better than ways to Yan Kyone. It is wide and not much slope, it looks flat trail and we drive safely to Pon Nyo for 3:00 hrs drive.

Before arrive to Pon Nyo we enter to Supplaw Village. We stop for a while for a photo of Nagayon Buddha image,old Pon Nyo Naga men and one Pon Nyo Naga women. Dr. Lers got the chance to took the photo to them. We met with the authorize person of Myanmar military outpost person and proceed to Saw law Village.

When we go and give the photo present to Linkup Naga old man, he look happy and smile on his face. We took the photo to him again and to another old lady of Pon Nyo woman .When we arrive

To Pon Nyo Village, it is already sun was set and a little spray of rain on Pon Nyo Village.

We go and meet Village head U Gan Gar, he is young man and look strong and had stouk body. He lead us to Village monastery and we Check in to it. The monk is absent at monastery as he had back to Yangon for summer holiday. We enjoy our dinner by our local guide cooked it. Our motorbike man are also join with us.

The 8th Apirl. 2014.( Tuesday )

I get up early about 05:30 hrs as last night can sleep well as the weather is cloudy and cool temperature. Our local guide also gets up and we go and prepare the breakfast. When Dr. Lars get up about

06:30 hrs. We are ready for our breakfast. When we finish our breakfast it is already 07:00 hrs. Then we start to visit the Village. The Village head and Naga Chief (Sawbwa) are waiting us at their home. Pon Nyo Village is far distance from LAHE , it is close to India border. Just about 1 hr drive by motorbike (about 12 miles). There are about 80 houses and all are Pon Nyo Naga.

When we arrive to Naga Chief (Sawbwa) introduce to as with two young ladies. One is call Ma Ei Shwe who can speak Myanmar and the other is Ma Kyaung Tin who can speak English. Both of them an educated from India , Naga land state. They back to Myanmar after their schooling. Today they went to give their services as Volunteer work to us.

They never see the foreigner visit to their Village, that why they want to making friend with foreigner. They lead us to their anty call Daw Moe Hae who have tattoo on her shoulder and leg. It is rare tattoo at Pon Nyo Naga Lady. Dr.Lars got the rare tattoo record for him. When we visit to another home call Ma Ei Tin Saimg Hom. We took some tattoo photo record from her too. They looks very strange for our activities . We make some interview to then too. May be they are first time to take the photos. Then we back to village head house for lunch. We join the lunch together with village head and Naga Chief.

When we say good bye and appreciate to them to leave to Lahe, it is already 13:45 hrs. The sky also look very close to us and we not see any sunshine. After one hr ride the rain started falling to our back. Its harder and harder of rainfall. We not stop our motorbike ride. But when we arrive close Ma kyan village, we need to stop the ride, because of too heaving rain . Dr.Lars and I run into a house and we make worm to our body by Naga over fire stove in their home. May be about 20 minutes for stop to worm our body by wooden the fire. We become worm and have to continue the ride to Lahe. The rain is not yet stop. But we need to proceed our ride.

When we arrive to LAHE, it is already dark, say about 18:30 hrs. I think we got a little child and make body worm by fire stove of guest house. Dr.Lars told me, I am stay alive, when I ask him, how are you Dr. ?. As we are tired by motorbike riding, we took our dinner at early time and rest for the night. But the rain is still spray on earth.

9th April . Wednesday

I get up early morning. I prepare my thing to continue my trip to another village. Our local guide U Kyaw also busy with his things. We packs all of our things and keep ready to continue our next trip. When Dr.Lars is ready for the breakfast, we join our breakfast at local tea shop. We shake hand with our motorbike drivers and we start to drive to LAN KHIN village, where the other Pon Nyo Naga are lives.

Before we leave Lahe, we have last chance to see a Kaa yaw Naga lady who transfer Kamwi Lakeho village most north west part of Myanmar , presently she live in Lahe and she move to here last year ago. She live at Lahe new quarter at Khanti Street. Her name is Ma Ah Phan. We got the good record tattoo photo from her leg, shoulder and cheek. Dr.Lars very happy for his record because we not arrived to Kaayaw Naga area this trip.

We go and meet the Naga leader U Saa Mu, who is a Myanmar government parliament member too. We say thank and appreciate to him for his take care to us. When we leave LAHE, it is already 09:30 hrs. Our car drive Ko Htike is a half shan ethnic and Chinese man. He can manage his 4×4 wheel drive car very well . He is a real save driving man. We are happy to get his helping.

After driving from Lahe for 3 hrs down slope drive, we arrive to Laung Ngauk, Nauk Au Naga village. We stop there for our lunch. As they have only one small eating house at Lahe Khanti Road, any way we need to eat here. It is a small shop and we got very few food from shop but our local guide brings some fried chicken for our lunch. Some visitors are also join their lunch here. The food is look mixed food of Naga and Myanmar.

Village head U Ha Min, he is a young man and can speak Myanmar. He arrange the night stop for us at state primary school .The village look good view from school. They have church at top of the hill of the hill of the village. As a school is located of the low part of village. It is good view to look the village from school.

When our local guide prepare the dinner for us. We and Dr.Lars go to village and meet with a Naga tattoo man call U Vit Taung . We visit to his house and look some photos of him and make interview to him about his Pon Nyo Naga tattoo making. Via a young Naga body who can speak Myanmar. We saw a group of Naga man is trying to build the new house in the village. May be about 20 to 30 people are working together for the new home building. When Dr.Lars and me back to school, our place for overnight stop, our local guide the driver and village head is waiting for our dinner. We join the sample dinner together and as we have no light in the night. We go to bed very early time. The night is too quiet.

10th April .Thursday .2014

This morning is fine weather. We can see the village clearly. We can hear the singing of bird voice near by the school. We finish our breakfast about 07:00 hrs. Then we visit the village with the village assistant head.

U Kyaung Sum, he can speak Myanmar, but not fluently. He lead us to U Htan Htwi house first, who have tattoo both of their couple. We look the photos record to them and make interview on their tattoo practice. Then we visit to U Lam who is a tiger fighter and have tattoo of tiger winner. The Naga people honor him as a great leader and brave man. Dr.Lars recorded his tattoo very carefully and very proudly. He

is about 80 years old and look healthy and young. After we recorded his historical mark of tattoo, we back to school took for lunch. Which our local guide and driver prepared.

After lunch say about 13:00 hrs. We head to another Pon Nyo village, its call Hway Kon village. WE have to drive about 1 hrs from on base. We pass hill to hill and stream and stream. This is the hill driving trail. We appropriate. Our driver Ko Htike who can manage his driving carefully and safely. The Volunteer from Lam Tin village U Kah Hann also come with us to give translation from Naga to Myanmar.

We drive our car up to close to village Church. The pastor couple is waiting us at entrance of the Church is very grand and the pastor couple also very smart. When shake hand each other the pastor introduce up with his follower call Mr.Gai. He borned in Myanmar and brought up at India. He can communicate in English very well. But not in Myanmar. The village head U Ma Hta Yu managed our trip and he ask his man to call the man and woman who practice the tattoo on their body. When we sit on the guest room of the Church, we talk with pastor about the village and mission work in Naga land. The pastor is while arrange the green tea and some snacks for us.

About 10 minutes later, the 3 old man who practice tattoo on their bodies arrive to our place. The village head introduce with them and we shake hand each others. Then Dr.Lars starts his photo shooting to them. They are U Pan Kyaw , U Lay Hup and U Saan Htet. They all our about 80 years old. They have will experience on their tattoo practice and tattoo history. They are all head hunter from last time. We talk with them and do interview with then about the area tattoo practice. Dr.Lars ask about the Nauk Au Naga tattoo then, but they said them are out of question about Nauk Au tattoo.

After we shake him to pastor family and the Naga leader we leave the village about 15:00 hrs. We give some honorary and promise to them to bring their big photos when we come next year. We see the smile and happy leaves from them.

When we arrive the Lan Tin village, it is the sun set over the village. We rest and talk with the village head and our local guide bring the plate of dinner to us. It is a sample dinner. One cup of chicken curry and a cup of bean soup each person is for our dinner. As we have no light, we go to bed very early. It is dark enough even in the early night time. Only some time we heard barking dog voice from the village.

11th April. 2014 ( Friday)

We feel a little cool in their night even the summer time in Myanmar Naga land. I got up earlier them our local guide as, it is light already. I prepare the fire for hot water to make coffee. Then our local guide come and help me. We took some rice cake where I got and buy from the village small shop for our breakfast. And we add a cup of noodle soup for our breakfast too. Our driver is testing his car for next trip to Sin Thay village. The village head come and meet us before we leave the village with his some assistants.

When we say thank you to them, and leave the village, it is already 07:30 hrs. After one hour drive carefully by our driver Ko Htike, we arrive to Naug Sauk village , the Nauk Au Naga village. We stop for a while and meet the village head and enquiry about the tattoo of Nauk Au Naga unfortunately there are no tattoo man and woman in this village. So, we proud to Htahti village. This is about one hour drive too. We stop and meet some villagers to see the tattoo man and woman. We stop for our coffee break too.

We stop afternoon about 30 minutes for coffee break Then at their drive to Laung Sauk village. This village is not far from Htahti village only 30 minutes drive. This village also a Nauk Au Naga village. But we not got any tattoo record, as most villager are go to their farm and will back to village when it is dark in the evening. We just saw some young people in the village. So we decided to look for Nauk Au Naga tattoo practice in Khanti, Dr.Lars said.

We arrive to Sin Thay village about 12:30 hrs noon. Our drive Ko Htike introduces a Chinese restaurant at village. Ko Htike is from this Sin Thay village. He knows about good restaurant I hope. That why we enjoy our lunch very much.

After our lunch, we drive to Nan Moung Ku Kii Chin village, to see the Ku Kii Chin tattoo. Unfortunately, we not see any tattoo in the village, it is established since 80 years ago. There are no tattoo generations in their village. Dr. Lars and we decided to look some Hymyay Naga tattoo practice people of Sin Thay Ywa Thit Quarter. We ask our driver Ko Htike to advise to us.

Ko Htike up his head and smoke his cigarette for a few second and his face look become light and eye also bright. Then he told us, he had his elder cousin brother is living at new Quarter and act as a ward administrator. His name is U Khin Maung if we go and ask him about this issues, he can be advise to us he said. Then we drive to U Khin Maung’s house and we enquire about the Hymyay Naga in his ward. We introduce each other and finally U Khin Maung introduce 2. Hymyay Naga ladies. They are about 80 years old. One call Daw Min Nar, they transfer from Let Ban village, Nanyum Township. Another lady is Daw Thon Kaa from Don Kyay village, Nanyum Township too.

Dr. Lars very interest to them and took the tattoo photo of the shoulder, arms and chest and chin tattoo. We make a few words interview to them and ask about their tattoo history via translator of their grand children. One lady Daw Thon Kaa is not very well, so we make quick photo shooting to her and I bought some medicine to her and present to her too. The time is at noon, the sun is too hot, Dr.Lars took the photo with full of swept on his body.

Later we get together and enjoy the green tea at U Khin Maung house and we talk for about 30 minutes regarding about Hymayay Naga tattoo history. U Khin Maung daughter some selling the mini-mart at her home. We bought some present to the elderly of the word and the tattoo woman. The young lady present to us 2. T-shirt as a souvenirs,

which are we can see around Naga land Beer advertise . We took it with appreciation. After that we drive back to Sin Thay village. We say thank you to our driver Ko Htike with appreciation. When we start to cross the Chindwin river from Sin Thay to Khanti, it is about 16:00 hrs already it is just 30 minutes boat ferry cross. When we arrive to Khanti, our local guide sent us to Aye Kaung Myaing Guest House for night stop. We can enjoy the dinner at local restaurant call Pyone Thazin. We sleep very well for the night in Khanti.

12rd April, 2014 (Saturday)

We have appointment with Nauk Au Naga leader in this morning at 09:00 hrs. Before we go to his place, we visit the Khanti morning market, and enjoy the breakfast at local tea shop Shwe Kaba. Our local guide come and calls us at near 09:00 hrs and we drive to U Pa Soe house. When we arrive the place, U Pa Soe, U Pa Naw is a father of Rome catholic Church. We make interview with and took the photo to them about their Nauk Au Naga tattoo . Later U Pa Soe led us to his Quarter’s Pan and took the photos at there. Then we invite to them to come and join the lunch with us and me spent our day time at restaurant, because of too hot.

About 14:30 hrs we walk to Zee Phyu Gone of Khanti Quarter to go and see the Hymyay Naga leader U Naw Khum. It is about 30 minutes walk from our restaurant. After we shake hand and introduce each other, U Naw Khun bring us, to one Hymyay old ladies houses. Daw Sin Bee, she come from Fun Ram Si village, Namyum Township. She show us her back tattoo, arms and chin tattoo. Dr. Lars recorded with photos shooting to her. All the surrounding house people are come and look our group. The Hymyay Naga people are still rare to see around Khanti, their native is at Nanyum township, most northwest part of Naga land.

After finished of photo shooting at that area. We present to them and say thank to leader U Naw Khan. I took his photo for souvenir and I Promise him to bring a big photo for him when I come next time. He is happy for that. This is may be our last shooting for the photo I hope. Because, tomorrow we have to fly back to Mandalay and will finish our Anthropological study of Naga tattoo. We back to our Guest house at about 17:00 hrs. Then we join our dinner at Bala Gyi restaurant with our local guide. We say good bye to him and shake hand with thank. After that we back to guest house and pack our things to make ready fly to Mandalay tomorrow. Good bye Naga land.