Eastern Myanmar

Eastern Myanmar

Eastern Myanmar

Eastern Myanmar is most famous among tourists for Inle Lake. Indeed, this is one of the four biggest tourist attractions in Myanmar. Around Inle Lake are some great trekking opportunities, beautiful scenery and ethnic minorities still preserving a traditional way of life. Eastern Myanmar also offers some more remote places to explore.

Inle Lake

One of Myanmar’s most famous attractions, Inle Lake is situated 1328 m above sea-level and surrounded by hazy blue mountains. It is well-known for its floating villages & gardens and the leg-rowing Intha people. You can visit Phaungdaw U Pagoda and see the silk & lotus fiber weaving industry.

Phaungdaw U Pagoda

At Inle Lake, ever September or October, four Buddha images are rowed around the lake on a colorful barge to celebrate a Pagoda festival. Phaungdaw U is the holiest site in this area of the Shan State, and the festival attracts many visitors.


Its fame become the mountain resort town among Myanmar peoples. Situated at 4792 feet sea level many local peoples go to visit there because of the famous of balloon festival in November. At that time all kind of Shan tribes come and enjoy the festival. The colorful tribes dress really make pleasant atmosphere. The nearby town of Aythara is famous for its Aythara wine



Recently the famous sight for local and foreign visitors are called Kakku ancient pagoda complex more than 2800 numbers of pagodas are built during 16th century in a narrow compound. The ancient’s bell and renovated pavilions are attracted the pill grange to Kakku. Its 4 hours drive from Taunggyi. Along the road can visit to Pa-o tribes villages and enjoy to deal with them for their custom and culture.

Kyaing Tong and Tachileik

It is famous for hill tribes peoples and also border town of gate way to Thailand. The hill tribes who live in these areas are, Akha, Lahu, Enn, Wa, Palaung and Shan are living harmoniously. Fly from Yangon about 2 hours and have chance to trek around Kyaing Tong hill tribes areas and crown the border of Tachileik to Meisai (Thailand). Many dealers a crown thailand come to there and enjoy shopping for wholesale. Can visit the famous golden triangle areas from here and enjoy the life of hill tribes peoples.


The gate way to Chinese border can travel by train or coach. To gum many star villages along the trip. The chinese temple and hot water spring are famous for Lashio trip. And also famous for Shan traditional food.

Goteik Viaduct

Goteik Viaduct

When visiting to Lashio from Mandalay by train, you have chance to come the world wonder Goteik viaduct which was built in 1901. It was used more than 9300 tons of steel and Iron. The Gokteik Bridge over the deep Gokteik Gorge over 100 years ago, it was the second-highest railway bridge in the world. If you go by train, get off at the station before the bridge to get the best view.


Hsipaw (called Thibaw in Burmese) was once the center of a small Shan state of its own and has become a popular hang-out for travelers, thanks to its cool climate, friendly people and relax atmosphere.
Special Events one of the oldest and largest Shan festivals, the Bawgyo Paya Pwe, is held here from the 10th waxing day to the first day after the full moon of Tabaung ( February / March )

Kalaw and Pindaya Trekking

Kalaw Trekking

Trekking around Kalaw and Pindaya areas really make the pleasant emotion. Day return from Kalaw, 3 days 2 nights trek from Kalaw to Pindaya can make you to observe different ways of life of Pa-o, Pa- long, Darn’s ethnic tribes around the areas. The wonderful landscapes, the beautiful caves and colorful tribes people’s dress are good attraction.
It is famous for Shwe U Min lime stone cave which has centuries old seated Buddha images. You can study the traditional ways of making Shan paper from the bark of trees.