Myanmar Bird & Nature Society(MBNS)

Myanmar Bird & Nature Society History

Myanmar Bird & Nature Society

Myanmar Bird & Nature Society(MBNS) was co-founded by SST Tourism and friends in Nature & Wildlife Conservation Division(NWCD) of Forest Department, Zoology Department of Yangon University after a bird watching tourist’s inquiry on the Bird Conservation like Oriental Bird Club(OBC). Myanmar Bird Club to Myanmar Bird Society, then Myanmar Bird and Nature Society(MBNS) after the discussion among the interested parties.

MBNS office was started at SST Tourism for start-up 3 years for establishment, registration, bird & nature conservation awareness education programs and activities at the schools, universities, public.

Myanmar Bird & Nature Society

A not for profit organisation dedicated to the research and protection of birds and nature in Myanmar


Formed on January 1, 2000 and officially registered with serial number 1867, the Society has the following objectives:

  • to conserve the natural heritage of Myanmar through the protection of birds and their habitats 
  • to conduct training programmes for students, tour guides, and staff of protected areas in bird identification, ecotourism and conservation
  • promote a love of birds and nature amongst the younger generation in Myanmar
  • to conduct surveys and research of Myanmar’s birds and nature
  • to develop national and international networks dedicated to the study and protection of Myanmar’s nature
  • to promote bird watching and eco-tourism in Myanmar.


MBNS carries out an interesting and varied range of activities, including:

  • conducting educational programmes on nature conservation in schools; since 2002 MBNS volunteers have visited nearly 1000 schools all over the country
  • participating since 2001 as the Myanmar co-ordinator of the Asian Waterbird Census of Wetlands 
  • holding bird watching activities on the last Sunday of the month at various sites in Myanmar as part of Society’s public education activities
  • conducting a range of bird watching training courses since 2004
  • organising tree planting programmes
  • compiling and distributing publications about Myanmar’s birds and nature.