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Wild Crocodile Watching at Meinmahlakyun Wildlife Sanctuary

Wild Crocodile Watching is heading to Meinmahlakyun Wildlife sanctuary where located in Bogalay Township of Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar.

Wild Crocodile watching at Meinmahlakyun Wildlife sanctuary
Wild Crocodile at Meinmahlakyun

The name of Wild Crocodile species is the salt water crocodile (Crocodilusporosus). Meinmahlakyun was established in 1994 as a Wildlife Sanctuary. The area of Meinmahlakyun Wildlife Sanctuary is about 53 square miles. It is listed in ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003, Ramsar Site in 2017, Flyway Networking Site in 2018.

Meinmahlakyun is richness of Biodiversity. Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary harbours about 81 mangrove species, 53 species of medicinal plants and 11 Orchid species, 78 fish species, 34 butterfly species, Amphibian and reptile 34 species, 12 shrimp species, 10 crab species, 15 Mammals species, 180 bird species and saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus).

This tour is amazing and exciting at Meinmahlakyun Wildlife Sanctuary. Road access to Meinmahlakyun is going by Bus or Car from Yangon.  Wildlife watching is by private Boat. Highlights species are: Lesser Adjutant, Mangrove Pitta, Mangrove Whistler, Collared Kingfisher, White-winged Tern  and othersNicobar Crab-eating Macaque(Macacafascicularis), Small Indian Civet(Viverriculaindica), Vulnerable species Fishing Cat(Prionailurusviverrinus), Leopard Cat(Prionailurusbengalensis).The purpose of the sanctuary is to conserve the mangrove tree species and the salt water crocodile (Crocodilusporosus).


-Enjoying and seeing  Salted water wild crocodile at the Meinmahlakyun  Wildlife Sanctuary and learning habitats of Wild Crocodile

-Observation  the huge mangrove forests and the life of fishermen in the delta areas

-Beautiful view of Mouth of Ayeyarwady

-Explore and enjoy a boat trip around the Meinmahlakyun Wildlife Sanctuary

-Tasting local fresh sea foods

Tour Program of Wild Crocodile Watching

Yangon to Yangon( 3 days/ 2 nights)

Day-01: Yangon-Dala- Bogalay by public Bus or Private car, Bogalay – Meinmahlakyun by private boat

Day-02: Wild crocodile and other wildlife watching by private boat in Meinmahlakyun Wildlife Sanctuary

Day-03: Meinmahlakyun-Bogalay by private boat, Bogalay –Dala-Yangon by public Bus or private car

Accommodation: Camp Building

Transportation: Boat and Car