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Sarus Crane Community Tour

Sarus Crane Community Tour is heading to Wakema Township in Ayeyarwady Region of Myanmar.

Sarus Crane Community Tour
Sarus Crane (Grus antigone)







Why  we are talking Sarus Crane Community , cause Sarus Crane is not really wild with local people. Community who are  people conserve the staying area of Sarus Crane  and take care them. People are also staying in the conservation area of Sarus Crane. Relationship of  Sarus Crane and local people are existed in long ago. The local people respect and conserve to Sarus Crane because Sarus Crane is luck bird for them. They never kill and eat to Sarus Crane.

Sarus Crane’s Habitats area is conserved by Local people. Now, it become one of Eco-tourism site in Myanmar. Welcome to Tourists to enjoy this Tour, it is one of supporting to Local people and conservation to the habitats of Sarus Crane. Sarus Crane is a large water bird. The Sarus Crane (Antigone antigone) in Myanmar is a rare species not only in the World but also in Myanmar. Ayeyarwady Delta Region is one of Sarus Crane’ habitats in Myanmar. Discover the beautiful Sarus Crane, other rare birds and having natural scenic beauty of Ayeyarwady.

Ayeyawady Delta region is located south-west part of Yangon, in south of Myanmar. It is over three hours driving to, Ayeyawady Delta Region where one of the ecotourism sites near Yangon. It is feeding ground of rare birds Sarus Crane (Antigone antigone), Jerdon’s Babbler (Chrysomma altirostre) and Yellow-breasted Bunting (Emberiza aureola) which is the key species at this area and the threatened and critically endangered  species of IUCN Red List.


-Sarus Crane (Large Water Bird) watching

-Observation how to conserve the habitats of Sarus Crane by local community

-Exploring the daily routine of  local experience

-Boat riding along small creek and feeling the beautiful scenery of Ayeyarwady

– Tasting local fresh foods

Tour Program

3 dyas / 2 nights

Day-01: Yangon-Wakema by private car

Day-02: Wakema- CBT area, boat riding,

Day-03: Wakema-Yangon by private car


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