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Nature & Wildlife Study Popa takes you to Popa National Park as the Dry Zone OASIS. Amazing Wildlife and Natural scenic Beauty, Trekking, Birding, and observation of the Ecology System of Mt. Popa.

3 Days/ 2 Night Trip from Bagan

Nature and Willife study Popa
                    Deer in Popa Wildlife

Mount Popa is an extinct volcano 1518 meters above sea level and located in central Myanmar in the region of Mandalay about 50 km southeast of Bagan in the Pegu Range.


-Amazing Wildlife Watching at Popa National Park such as Phayre’s Leave Monkey( Endanger Species, IUCN Red List)

-Bird and Butterfly Watching, observation the richness of Biodiversity of Mt. Popa

– Trekking and study to Geology of Mt. Popa

Tour Program of Nature & Wildlife Study Popa

Nature& Wildlife Study Popa
                                       Museum of Popa National Park

Day-01: Morning about 06:30 am, drive by private car from Bagan to Mt. Popa one hour drive. Then drive up by car to the trekking Point with packed Lunch box. Drop to see the Museum of Popa Mountain Park. starting Nature & Wildlife Study Popa, Proceed and trekking up to the top of Mountain which is about 5000 feet above the sea level. Exploring and seeing the Birds, Ecology System and other wildlife. From Trekking point to Summit about 3 hours taking the time. One of Endanger  Phayre’s Leaf Monkey is staying there. It is the IUCN Red List. You will see its Habitats. The monkey is staying inside the Crater of Mt. Popa. Relaxing at the top of Mountain. Afternoon, trekking back on the short cut way to the trekking point about 2 hours.  Then drive back to the base of Mountain. On the way, visit Sandal Wood Plantation where over 500 Sandal Wood trees. Then back to Hotel and overnight.

Day-02: Morning after breakfast, starting Nature & Wildlife Study Popa, going by private car to Taung Twin Chaung Village about one hour drive. Then light trekking to Taung Twin Chaung Camp for about one and a half hours. Observation of the Natural Environment and Ecology of Mt. Popa. For Lunch arranged by park staff of Popa Mountain Park. Relaxing there. Afternoon, trek back to Taung Twin Chaung Village and study the dwelling people’s lifestyle at Taung Twin Chaung Village. Then proceed to Top Flat Pagoda of Mt. Popa. Step up to the top of Mountain where is Pagoda. It is about 2470 feet high above sea level. There are 777 Terraces from bottom to Top Flat Pagoda. Seeing the Panoramic view and natural breeze. And then, going down to the base and drive back to the hotel. Overnight at the base of Mt. Popa.

 Wildlife Watching at Popa National Park

Day-03: Morning after breakfast, going back by private car to Bagan. On the way, visit Brown Sugar Producing Site. You can study how to make the Brown Sugar and Life Style of Local People. You can buy the Souvenir from them if you want it. Then back to Bagan. Check in to the respective hotel. Afternoon at about 03:00 pm, Cultural sightseeing in World Heritage Bagan. First visit to Shwezeegon ( the first built in Bagan ), Ananda temple ( the finest arts and crafts in Bagan, MasterPiece of King Kyan Sit Thar ), Thapyinnyut temple ( the highest temple in Bagan ), Dhamayangyi temple ( the biggest temple in Bagan ), visit lacquerware products workshop. Sunset at Bagan, check in to your respective hotel.

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