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Naga Tattoos anthropological research

Naga Tattoos anthropological research tour itinerary for Dr. Lars visiting around the Naga land in Myanmar for Naga tattoos of Myanmar.

Day 1: Arrive in Mandalay. Transfer to 3.stars Hotel, overnight in Mandalay.

Day 2: Fly to Khanti ( 1 and a half )

Arrive khamti , Check in to Aye Kaung Myaing Guest House. Visit Khanti town, overnight in Khanti.

One of the Naga Tribe Village in Myanmar

Day 3: Morning crosses the Chindwin river by boat (30 minutes). Arrive to Sin Thay village, visit Sin Thay villageAt 9:00 hrs drive to Laung Ngauk village (3 hrs drive). Lunch there. Then drive to Lahe town( 3 hrs drive). Check in to U Saa Mu Guest House, overnight in Lahe town.

Day 4: Morning visit Lahe Myoma quarter to see Naga ethnics groups up to lunchtime. After lunch drive to Yonkum village (3 hrs drive) to see Youkum Naga. Check in to the village monastery, overnight at Yonkum village.

Day 5: Morning visit village, after lunch drive to kya-wan village, visit the village, then drive to San Tone village to see Makyan Naga, visit the village. Check in to the village monastery, overnight in the village.

Naga Tattoos anthropological research
     Naga Tattooed Man

Day 6: Morning drive to Ma kyan village, visit the village, lunch at the village. Then, evening drives back to Lahe. Check in to U Saa Mu Guest House, overnight at Lahe.

Day 7: Morning drive to Lone Khin village( with the motorbike, 30 minutes, ( to see Makyan Naga), visit the village. Then drive to Kale village ( 20 minutes with motorbike ). Lunch at the village, visit the village. Evening drive back to Lahe, overnight in Lahe.

Day 8 : Morning drives to YanKyone village to see Kyann Naga by motorbike (6 hrs drive) stop at Lan Tin village for lunch, the evening will drive to Yan Kyone village via Laung Hee village. Check in to the U Tone Lone Guest House. Overnight in the village.

Day 9:  Full day visits the two villages, overnight in Yan Kyone village.

Day 10: Morning drives to Pon Nyo village to see Pon Nyo Naga(6 hrs drive).On the way stop at Lan Tin village for lunch. Then proceed to Pon Nyo village, via Supplow village and Saw Law village. Evening arrives Pon Nyo village, Check in to the village monastery. Overnight in the village.

Day 11 : Morning visits the village. Then drive to Lahe on the way stop at Tat Yan village for lunch. Then proceeded to Lahe. Evening arrives in Lahe, Check in to U Saa Mu Guest House. Overnight in Lahe.

Day  12: Morning drive back to khamti, lunch on the way at Lung Ngauk village, then drive to Sin Thay village, visit Sin Thay new Quarter to see the Hymyay Naga. Then cross the river to khamti. Check in to Aye kaung Myaing Guest House. Overnight in khamti.

Day 13 : Morning visit to Naga leader’s house to discuss the Naga traditional Tattoo practices. Then transfer to Khamti airport to fly back to Mandalay. Transfer to 3.stars Hotel in Mandalay. Overnight in Mandalay.

Day 14: Departure. End of Services