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Mount Popa and Zee O Village

This Mount Popa and Zee O village tour is the best destination for Tourist who have both chance to study Culture and Eco Tourism.

Mount Popa and Zee O
The Big Tamarind Tree in Zee O village









Mt. Popa and Zee O village tour from Bagan offers a mix of nature and local culture. It combines a visit to Mt Popa Park for light trekking and bird watching with a visit to Zee O Village, famed for the ancient Thit Hla Ingyin Forest and the hospitality of the villagers.

Mt. Popa is extent Volcano over 2400 years. It is located in Kyaukpadaung Township of Mandalay Region, Myanmar. Mt. Popa is dry zone OASIS. There is about 36 miles(58 km) away from Bagan. Popa National Park was established in 1989. Mt. Popa is high about 1518 m above the sea level. A pagoda in the top flat Mountain is high about 2417 feet above the sea level. There is richness of biodiversity in Popa National Park. We can do Trekking activity, Bird watching, Wildlife Watching, Butterfly Watching, observation to Sandal wood plantation and seeing Myanmar Golden Deer.

Zee O village is a small village. Mostly staying Bama people. Zee O village is about one and half hours drive from Bagan. If you arrive to Zee O village where  Zee O Thit Hla Ingyin Forest (Nature Conservation Sanctuary). This area is 100 acres is covered with over 1000 Ingyinn trees (Shorea siamensis). The villagers believe that this area is guarded by Nats (Guardian Spirits) and the Nats will not tolerate any misdeeds regarding the disturbance of this environment. So, nobody dares to destroy! Of course, this belief & custom is leading to nature conservation.Walk around the village & see the ways of Myanmar village life, visit the monastery and exchange social & cultural of the locals with the venerable monk & village headman. Photo stop at the village landmark Tamarind tree, which is over 1000 years old.



-Visiting to Popa National Park (Dry Zone OASIS)

-Soft trekking to the Sandal wood plantation

-Pilgrimage to a pagoda on the top flat of Mountain

-Study the life style of dwelling people in dry zone

-Learning and earning on producing palm sugar by local people

-Observation to the Ingyinn forest ( Sacret forest) and Ingyinn Fossil

-Practical touching to the big Tamarind Tree over 1000 years old


Tour Program

Day Return Trip

Morning about 07:00 am, drive by private car from Bagan to Mt. Popa and Zee O village

Evening back to Bagan.