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Indawgyi Lake

Indawgyi Inn Chit Thu is one of the Tourism group and local community tourism projects led by Flora & Fauna International(FFI) at the largest lake in Myanmar.

Inn Chit Thu Tourism Group, Indawgyi
                                                                                  Indawgyi lake Inn Chit Thu Tourism Group

Indawgyi Lake is currently a viable tourism destination for adventurous travelers and tourists seeking an off‐the‐beaten track experience. The major issues with packaging it in a tour itinerary are the length of time it takes to get there. Expensive transportation costs (by private car) and a lack of other interesting destinations in the vicinity that are freely accessible to foreigners.

The main attractions of Indawgyi  with Inn Chit Thu

-Shwe Myitzu Pagoda on the lake itself

-Beautiful scenery and still largely pristine nature

-A number of outdoor adventure activities on offer: Kayaking, Cycling, Trekking, and Fishing

-Bird watching (especially from December to March
when the migratory birds are present)

Welcome to Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Inn Chit Thu is a local non-for profit eco-tourism group established in November 2013. Our more than currently 60 members are from various villages around the lake and contribute their individual skills to follow our idea of sustainable tourism development in Indawgyi Lake.

Our mission is to conserve Indawgyi Lake, maintain its natural beauty and develop the region through community-involved eco-tourism and community welfare services. We have united to improve the local livelihoods, raise awareness for our natural environment and strengthen environmental conservation activities among the local community. Our partners to achieve our objectives are the Forest Department and the local council.

We cooperate with various local Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) to strengthen the community and unite our interests. Furthermore, we work together with various international NGOs such as Fauna Flora International (FFI). It is the oldest conservation NGO worldwide, Chances for Nature, a German NGO founded by biologists of the Georg-August University of Göttingen, or the American Helmsley Charitable Trust. Profits are exclusively used to initiate and support various activities for our community. For our activities, we rely on our members and local providers to maximize the local added value from tourism.

All activities are designed to bring nature, community, and tourists together. Therefore our tour groups are limited to allow a unique experience for our guests and minimize the impact on nature and wildlife. Our guides only use existing paths and will take care of any rubbish. The communities around the lake are very welcoming to tourists and always happy to hear a warmly ‚Mingalabar‘. However please respect privacy and ask before taking pictures.

Please enjoy your Responsible Travel to Indawgyi Lake with a Community Group called “Inn Chit Thu”