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Hpa-An and Mawlamyine Tour

Hpa-An and Mawlamyaing
Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda







Hpa-An and Mawlamyine Tour is one of the best tourist destination in Myanmar.

Hpa-An  is a capital city of Karen State. Hpa-An is land of Natural Limestone caves and dwelling very friendly people. Mt. Zwekabin is a landmark of Karen State. Mostly staying Karen people and Bamar people. Karen State is surrounding by many natural limestone caves and mountain range. Mawlamyaing  is a capital city of Mon State. Mawlamyaing is third largest city of  Myanmar. It is about 200 miles from Yangon and very good road access. Mostly staying  Mon people. Mon people are Buddhism. The main product of Mon state is Rubber. There are many rubber plantation in Mawlamyaing region. The biggest sea port in Mawlamyaing is one of main channel for trading in Myanmar. And Mawlamyaing is a land of colonial old buildings and rich of cultural heritage.  Growing Pomelo and producing Pomelo fruit is one of main business in Mawlamyaing City. Very beautiful scenery and crossing by Thanlwin river in Mawlamyaing. Visiting to Hpa-An and Mawlamyine Tour, you will be satisfied and unforgettable experience for you.


-Bayint Nyi Cave with natural hot spring  is very good attraction for visitor

-Kawgoon Cave – The rock surface is profusely decorated with different kinds of clay Buddha images and votive tablets.

-Mt. Zwekabin is a soul of Karen people  and Kyaukkalat wetland is very popular in Karen State

-Saddan Cave is a biggest natural Limestone  and longest cave in Hpa-An Township

-Mawlamyaing City- Shampool Island is a romantic, Kyaikthanlan pagoda is very ancient pagoda, having panoramic beautiful land scape,  amazing sunset at Thanlwin river Bank,


Tour Itinerary

Day01: Yangon-Hpa-An by private car

Day 02: Hpa-An – Mawlamyaing by private car

Day 03: Mawlamyaing & environs , sightseeing by private car

Day 04: Mawlamyaing-Yangon by private car