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Halin Pyu ancient city. ( 4 AD to 8 AD. )

Halin Pyu World Heritage
Halin Pyu World Heritage
Halin Pyu World Heritage

Halin World Heritage is one of three Pyu Cultural Heritage sites; Halin, Beikthano, Srikestra. It is a village neat Shwebo, Sagaing. Full of ancient bricks, walls and moats around the archaeological site. Hot, spring, Salt making from the earth, weaving looms and village life style to exchange.

World Heritage since 2014

Halin recalls the extraordinary riches of the site in the context of the Samon bronze -iron culture. In relating Hindu-Buddhist walled settlements to the Yunan oriented “mother-goddess ” and KYE DOKE cults of the Samon, the strategic location of Halin was probably crucial in ensuring its transition from one pattern of trading and rule to another.

At Halin, urns and skeletons were found in the lowest stratum under the road of the south gate.

The irons finds at Halin is do not include similar plates. Also a large number of spiked caltrops were recovered outside the city gate.

It is located at on the car road from Mandalay to Shwebo, 11 miles from Sainai Conner and it is 10 miles 5 furlong from south east of Shwebo town. It is close to east part of Hta Naung Gone village .

Halin excavation

The first excavation of the old city is in 1905.There are more than 10 sites are excavated. The supervisors of the excavation are U Sein Maung U is at first and second time. The third and fourth time is U Myint Aung and the fifth and the last time also supervised by U Myint Aung , it is from 1966 to 1967 . They got the result of the city wall and its protective, the rest of old city among the present residential areas., some tombs at cemeteries, the water storage embankment, finger mark brick, some earth pots, beads, earth utensils, stone tools and stone carving, coins, and ion tools and ion utensils. Also they found some ores for ornaments.

How to go

You can fly from Yangon to Mandalay. Or you can go by public bus from Yangon to Mandalay. From Mandalay to Shwebo by public bus for 3 hrs drive. From Shwebo to Halain is can use the public bus or motorbike for 45 minutes drive. S

Shwebo have 5 names. YAN GYI AUNG, YADANAR THEIN GA, KONG BOUNG, MUSO BO and SHWE BO are name of present SHWE BO town.

Visit with Halin Heritage Trust community

Starting from Mandaly; Day return to Mandalay or overnight at Shwebo

Early Morning Drive from Mandalay to Halin. Welcome by Halin Heritage Trust community. Tour to the local cottage industries like Ground Salt production, Weaving. Introduction to Halin Archaeological Museum and U Naga Museum at the Monastery, where lots of ancient artifacts are. Explore the excavated Halin Pyu ancient city, Visit to the hot spring. Drive to Mandalay or Shwebo.


The contact person
U TOE MYINT, his cell phone , 09 978, 157 939