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Community-Based Tourism to Ayarwaddy -CBT Tours

The attraction of Ayeyarwady Dolphin Community Tour


Co-operative Fishing with Ayeyarwady Dolphin
Co-operative Fishing with Ayeyarwady Dolphin

  The Ayeyarwady Dolphin Protected Area(ADPA) is along the upper Ayeyarwady River between Mingun near Mandalay to North. The project is managed by the Fisheries Department supported by the Wildlife Conservation Society(WCS).

This CBT Site is Located at Myit Kan Gyi and Hsithethe village in River Bank of Ayarwaddy. The fishermen and women of two traditional fishing villages (Myit Kan Gyi and Hsithe) invite you to come and visit them. The new destinations on the Ayeyarwady will be ready and in operation from November 2016. The development of the destinations is part of a community-conservation project funded by the UK’s Darwin Initiative.

It is a partnership between the Myanmar non-profit organization ‘Grow Back for Posterity‘ and the UK’s Harrison Institute. The project has also received valuable support from the University of Mandalay.

-To visit the village of Myint Kan Gyi and Hsi The which located at the east bank of Ayeyarwaddy river, 45 and 61 Km of Mandalay. (Between Mandalay and Kayah )

-This Ayeyarwady Dolphin Community Tour is one of the CBT sites, part of the project to conserve the critically Ayeyarwady River dolphin and cultural traditions of the fishing communities who fish cooperatively with dolphins.

Tour High Lights:

-To enjoy the village tour with

. Traditional fishing with dolphins.

. Local life, including the destination of the festival.

. Home industry.

. To see handicrafts making.

. To visit the community home with a café shop.

. Visit the agriculture field.

. To enjoy the carting net.


Ayeyarwady Dolphin Community Tour Itinerary

This tour will start from Mandalay and end in Mandalay.

Day 1: Morning after breakfast, starting Ayeyarwady Dolphin Community Tour, going by private car from Mandalay to Shamemaka town (2 hrs drive). Arrive at the jetty and then join the boat, then to Myin Kan Gyi village ( 1 hr boat drive). Arrival to the village, visit the community home, enjoying the café break. Fishing experience, learning carting net,  visit village home and the monastery will lunch at a village home, visit the agriculture field or if Irrawaddy dolphin around the village, can enjoy the fishing community who fish co operationally with the dolphin. Boat trip to Shamemaka then drives back to Dolphin Community Lodge which is managed by the Local Community of Dolphin Conservation Area. Overnight at Dolphin Community Lodge.

Day 2: Morning breakfast at the Dolphin Community Lodge, After Breakfast taking the boat around Villages and then back to Mandalay by private car. Check in to your respective hotel.

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