In search of Pink-headed Duck in Myanmar

In search of Pink-headed Duck was formerly found in parts of eastern India, Bangladesh and the swamps of northern Myanmar. Numerous searches have failed to provide any proof of continued resistance. It may exist in the inaccessible swamp regions of northern Myanmar. And, some sight reports from that region have led to its status being declared as “Critically Endangered” rather than extinct.

Different reports of Pink-headed Ducks after the 1960s received from the largely unexplored Malikha and Chindwin river drainage in northern Myanmar.  A report on a survey in the Hukaung valley in November 2003 concluded that there is sufficient reason to believe that Pink-headed Ducks may still exist in Kachin State, Northern Myanmar.

And, anecdotes from residents in the area, however, indicate that the bird may have lived in the area far more recently than the last confirmed report from 1910, possibly as recently as 2010. One resident assuring stated that a Pink-headed Duck was sighted in 1998, associating with a flock of Gadwall and Pintail.

More dubious report stated that shortly after a failed expedition in the area by Bird Life International ended, a local hunter caught a live male and a female or juvenile Pin-headed Duck, and contacted Myanmar’s Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association to sell it to them for a fee. Another hunter recalled that when the habitat was in good condition, Pink-headed Ducks were regular in the area, possibly up to 2014.

Pink-headed Duck & SST Tourism

A client through from SST have carried out rather a few surveys in Myanmar several times for surviving Pink-headed Duck, mainly Kachin State but also in Mandalay Region and to the west in Sagaing Region, bordering Naga land. Latest reports from villagers in Kachin have been very promising and since 2009 there has been a certain amount of consistency from locals in varying regions. Any new areas of interest with regard to remote sensing data revealing forested, largely unpopulated areas with pools, tanks and lakes that may lie in the north of Kachin or any areas bordering eastern India are huge anticipating for him.

That is a good challenge to rediscover the Pink-headed Duck after extinction had been suspected with numerous reasons. There is a certain good habitat for Pink-headed Duck in the restricted area that ethnic armed organizations are occupying the region of northern Kachin State. At any reasons, resurface Pink-headed Duck from the marvelous story would make the most popular amazing new for the whole worldwide.  So, it is the best chance to search Pink-headed Duck in Myanmar.