Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to our SST are organized here for the convenience of our clients who love to visit Myanmar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to SST Tourism Office Team
Questions to SST?
Is SST a government (or) NGO owned?

No, SST is a private company limited of Myanmar Citizens owned. It works in collaboration with ministries concerns for tourism/ecotourism development. Therefore, tourists sometime misunderstood as a government organization. SST initiated Myanmar Bird & Nature Society, work together with it and other NGOS for environmental conservation in Myanmar. However, it is not an NGO. Just a Social Enterprise private company to go PUBLIC  to make Myanmar a better place for tourists to visit and for people to live in..

Is Myanmar safe to travel?

Sure it is as far as you follow the guidance and respect the community you visit.

Why Myanmar, not Burma?

Union of Myanmar was named in 1989 to present all the ethnic tribes living in the country formerly known as Burma which only represent only a major tribe.

Why Union of Myanmar?

Because we are united in diversity for synergy.

What is the best time to visit Myanmar?

When you have free time. The best time is from October to end of February. During these days, the weather is dry and cool. If you do not care wet or hot you can visit any time to Myanmar. We, SST friends are welcoming you. 

How many ecotourism sites in Myanmar?

There are 21 ecotourism sites officially selected in Myanmar. It is wise to be responsible where you visit around Myanmar. There are more places to be taken care by you and SST in collaboration with ministries concerned.

How we will meet you when the mid-night flight arrival to Yangon airport?

It is good questions. Yes, we will come and pick up you at airport on your arrival. But it will need to add additional charges for mid-night arrival, as driver and guide need to share their time at mid night.

May I know your food arrangement during my trip?

Yes, we can arrange your food after we know about your like and dislike; vegetarian or non vegetarian.

May I need to let you know our trip interest in advance?

Yes, it is very good to understand your interest and your plan. Because we can do prearrangement for your trip with related to local community or authority.

How do I apply my visa to Myanmar?

Contact Myanmar embassy in your country and get visa application form as usual as other countries. Then go on the visa application on your own.

May I get visa-online(e-visa/eVisa)?

If no place to get Myanmar visa in your country and you are coming with SST to visit Myanmar, we will arrange it for you as visa-on-arrival. You are to send your passport copy and some facts online. Write us for detail, please.

May I get visa-on-arrival?

If there’s NOT Myanmar embassy in you country, we can apply for you as prearrangement visa-on-arrival.

How about travel insurance in Myanmar?

Myanma Insurance open the counter for travel insurance recently. We can arrange for it if you prefer for your travel insurance by Myanma Insurance.

When should I pay my deposit or tour cost? 

When you accept to travel with SST, 25% deposit of the tour cost is needed to pay. Total tour cost must be paid on arrival or before you start the tour.

How can I pay my deposit or full payment to SST?

We will give you the details of the bank for your deposit or full payment.

Can I pay to SST by my credit card?

We accept cash only and sorry for your inconvenience.

What is the cancellation policy?

Normal Tour Case 
Before 2 weeks ahead of tour starting date: 50% of your deposit refund to you.
Within 2 weeks ahead of tour starting date: No return of your deposit.

Special Travel Permit Tour Case
If you make cancellation after applying the special travel permit, your deposit will NOT return to you.

Can I use credit card and traveler’s cheques in Myanmar?

Those are not preferred for your expenses. At the foreign exchange banks and only a few hotels accept credit card and travel check. Bring in enough cash for your trip.

What is Myanmar currency?

We use Kyats(=100 Pyas) these days. 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 Kyats notes are practice in Myanmar. We have some coins for small change but just keep it for souvenir.

How can I get communication to home during my visit in Myanmar?

Buy a SIM card on your arrival. Ask for the best fit package together at the vendor/telecom operator.
Phone Home: You can call home from your hotel’s IDD phone services. When you are visiting remote area, there are IP-star phones installed at small towns and villages.
Email Me: Emails are available at hotels, offices, public access centers and cyber-cafes in towns. If it not possible for you, just tell your guide or us. SST will send your email home.

Why there’s the chanting by loud speaker all the days and nights?

The monks chanting the whole days and nights the Buddha’s teaching to protect from evils and dangers. Loud speakers are used to the events at rural areas. If you hear only at night, it is from local festival(pwe).

Why there are many donation collection events along the roads?

We have festivals months after months and activities all the year round. Many activities such as road and bridge maintenance, monuments reconstruction, local celebrations are being done by donation collection from people.

Why I cannot go on to some places on my visit? 

This may happen sometimes for your security. Some places are not suitable for tourists without special permission and local authority’s acknowledgement. Be patient during your visit. 

Do you have more questions for your visit to Myanmar with SST? Write to us!

Society for Sustainable Tourism

S.S.T Tourism is acting like the Society for Sustainable Tourism Development in Myanmar.

S.S.T Tourism define “Ecotourism” as a touring business which assist the development of indigenous community while preserving the heritage of mother nature, resources and cultures.

SST focus on Sustainable Ecotourism and introduce Protected Areas in Myanmar to not only foreigner tourists but also domestic travelers.

SST started to get public attention on ecotourism in 2001 by ecotour programs for domestics and ecotourism seminar for tour operators but seminar permission was done in 2002, International Year of Ecotourism(IYE).

We network with scientists, ecotourism colleagues, birders, tour organizers, and naturalists throughout the world in an exchange of information relevant to our cause. We attend conferences and seminars dealing with conservation and work closely with educators, forestry service personnel, scientists, and ordinary citizens in an attempt to formulate sensible, workable eco-tourism programs. We stay in close harmony with hotel managers, landowners, and other persons upon whom we must rely for services to formulate and implement sound ecotourism facilities and practices. We Unite in Diversity for Synergy.

SST initiated Myanmar Bird and Nature Society, then the Environmental Awareness/Education Programs at the schools to get the public awareness on nature conservation.

Nowadays, Vision  of  S.S.T  Tourism is To become the unique ecotour operator since we realize that ecotourism is important component contributing to ecological sustainability. 

We are new at the stage of our mother country’s sustainable development – improving and maintaining the well-being of people and ecosystems. Therefore, we, SST invite the professionals, ecotourism experts to work together with us for the last frontier of biodiversity reservoir in Asia. 

Come and join us at Society for Sustainable Tourism!