Community Tourism Rakhine- Community Based Tourism

Visit to Community Tourism in Rakhine State

Community tourism in Rakhine have been developing by RCA, the biggest conservation NGO in the state. We encourage to visit an exciting new community-based eco-tourism project in the earliest stages of development, we are happy to begin welcoming small numbers of travelers interested in experiencing the unique culture and environment of our beautiful Rakhine Coast, as well as researchers and scientists interested in studying the area.

Community Tourism Rakhine
Local Community Kid on Turtle Ride

With the exception of Ngapali Beach two hours north of Kyeintali, the South Rakhine Coast has been very isolated from the rest of the country, and the area has not received foreign tourists. In many ways this has been a blessing, allowing us to prepare and strengthen our communities for the pressures of opening up to the world. Our culture, traditions and environment remain very pure.

Here you’ll find beaches, plains and mountains; hiking and swimming; charming villages and towns; delicious food, bustling markets; incredible biodiversity; and best of all friendly, hospitable Rakhine people.

We plan on never having the common guide book phrase “Visit before it’s too late,” used to describe the Rakhine Coast. The RCA, like the communities it works with, is committed to developing tourism for the long term, thoughtfully and sustainably.

Kyauk Taw Yaung Conservation Garden: Visit the 50 acre forest conservation garden where the RCA got its start. Learn about the unique plants and animals of our region. Wildlife spotting is somewhat easier in the garden as many wild animals use it as a safe feeding ground. Bears, wildcats, barking deer, jackals, flying chamelons, and many bird species call the garden home. As well, injured or orphaned animals are often brought to the centre by local people for rehabilitation and eventual release back into the wild. Eventually, we plan on having accommodation available in the garden itself.