Birding Activity No.15

Birding Activity No.15 at National Races Village

Birding Activity No. 15 to National Races Village in Yangon. National Races village is one of recreation center and Bird Watching spot. There are nearly 85 bird species in National Races Village. National Races Village is located near Thanlyin Bridge,Tharkayta Township,Yangon. National races village was constructed by Ministry of Progress of Border Areas and National Races and Development Affairs is situated in Tharkayta Township on December 28, 2002.

1) Awareness raising for bird and nature conservation by birding activity
2) Birding together, making friendship, sharing knowledge
3) Call on youth participation in Nature conservation

This birding activity was operated and collaborated with S.S.T Tourism Co.,Ld. and Myanmar Bird and Nature Society ( MBNS) on 25 January 2020. There are 6 participants in this Birding Activity.

Birding Activity No.15
Bird Watching Participants at National Races Village

Birding Place: :National Races Village

Birding Duration: :06:30 am to 10:30 am,

Date: :25.11.2020

Weather: :Sunny

Birding Activity No.15
Bird Watching at National Races Village

We found 34 Bird Species in National Races village.

1.Black Drongo,2.Asian Koel,3. House Crow,4. Eastern Jungle Crow,5.House Sparrow, 6.Eurasian tree sparrow, 7.Eastern Cattle Egret, 8.Little Egret,9.Chinese pond heron,10.Copper smith barbet, 11.Greater Coucal, 12. Olive-backed Pipit, 13. White-throated Kingfisher, 14. Little Green Bee-eater, 15. Red-vented Bulbul, 16. Streak-eared Bulbul, 17. Spotted Dove, 18. Ashy Drongo, 19. Olive-backed Sunbird, 20. Spot-breasted Woodpecker, 21. Grey-capped pygmy Woodpecker, 22. Asian brown Flycatcher, 23.Taiga Flycatcher, 24.Grey-headed canary -flycatcher, 25. Blue-tailed bee-eater, 26. Ayeyawady Bubul, 27.Oriental magpie-robin, 28. Black-naped oriole, 29.Black-naped monarch, 30.Common iora, 31. Alexandrine parakeet, 32. Common myna, 33. Jungle myna, 34.Common tailorbird

Reported by :

Soe Min Aye (Mr.)

S.S.T Tourism Co.,Ltd.