Birding in Hpa-An

Feature highlight species of Kayin State, the Limestone Wren Babbler was emphasized for the Myanmar birding activity in Hpa-an as No. 03. The activity was held as usual collaborated by MBNS and SST Tourism Company from 29th November 2019 to 2nd December 2019.

Birding in Hpa-An

The 14 birders including four foreigners leaved from Yangon on 29th November evening by 8:00 pm highway night bus named Golden Myanmar Bus Line. We have reached to Hpa-an at 3:00 am the next morning. The four foreigners stayed in Grand Hill Hotel and we stayed at Pa Pa Wati Guesthouse. Appointment was made at 8:00 am to meet with the local birders. Then, we moved to our birding sites by light truck. We choose Kaw Kon Cave, Ye Thae Pyan Cave, Kaw Ka Thaung Cave and Lumbini garden and Kyauk Kalat for the birding spots.

After exploration at Kaw Kon Cave, we recorded more than ten Limestone Wren Babblers, Steppe Eagle, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Common Buzzard, Black-eared Kite, Asian Openbill and common species of the region. Kaw Kon Cave is always crowded with pilgrimages and a few foreign visitors. This cave also provides to see the world’s smallest bat species Craseony cteristhongyacia (bumblebee bat).

And, we approached to Kaw Ka Thaung Cave which is completed with nice forest habitats at the environs. The cave is ever famous for its clean spring water swimming pool. For the highlight bird species of surrounding of the cave were Limestone Wren Babbler, Grey-eyed Bulbul and Stripe-throated Bulbul. After we spend the whole morning for bird watching, we enjoyed the lunch at San Ma Tu local restaurant served very delicious Burmese food so that always busy.

In the evening time, we went to Lumbini garden located at the foot of the Mt. Zwekabin, the most popular landmark of the State. There we saw a few species such as Lineated Barbet, Grey-backed Shrike, Black-naped Oriole and Ayeyarwaddy Bulbul.

Second day, we went to Kyauk Kalatt, the second most popular in Hpa-an, Kayin State. FOC vegetables lunch offers to all comers everyday. That ceremony originates since time immemorial. It can be said that one of the unique traditional food offering ceremony. After that, we moved to Shwe Magyi Pin(Golden Tamarind Tree Restaurant) for the tasty lunch. In the evening after we had enjoyed the enchanting landscape of Hpa-an City, we came back to Yangon by 8:00 pm night bus and arrived to Yangon at 2:00 am the next morning.

We had recorded about 60 bird species including more than 20 Limestone Wren Babbler by the group at the quite successful birding trip in Hpa-an. Besides, environmental conservation awareness program had enhanced to the community and new birders had been produced.