Birding activity in Bagan, August 2019

Birding Activity in Bagan

             Active Birding Activity and Responsible Tourism No. 02 in Bagan (an ancient city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) have been successfully launched on 24- 25 August 2019 collaborated by MBNS(Myanmar Bird and Nature Society) and SST Tourism Co.,Ltd. Fully transportation service Sponsor by Myo Car Rental  while we are birding in Bagan for two days. We had announced that celebration on the Facebook page since a week ago before action days.

            We, a group of 10 people leaved from Yangon by comfortable Executive Night Bus. It took about 10 hrs from Yangon to Bagan driving hours. After we arrive to Bagan first we checked in to Hotel then we met and introduce each other who joined from Mandalay. So, all participants became 17 people. We enjoyed our breakfast at Bagan Café. After that, drove directly to Dama Yasaka Temple. We separated in two groups.

                The weather of August in Bagan is the most relaxing period for birders. The temperature was about 35’ Celsius. All are  lush and green. So, we could search few of Jerdon’s Minivets which is endemic bird of Myanmar its habitats semi desert shrub lands near Min Nan Thu Village in the first morning after we took around couple of hours. Burmese Collared- dove, Burmese Bushlark, White-throated Babbler and Ayeyarwaddy Bulbul are also Myanma endemic species and these all are common species in Bagan. All possible bird species in  Bagan were seen by two groups of us.

White-throated Babbler in Bagan

           We started afternoon birding activity at 2:00 PM after we spend a few hours for lunch break. That is to find Hood Treepie the key species of Bagan. It is also a big challenging bird species  in that areas. That’s why, an expansion fields of searching  Hooded Treepie become both our groups. We approached to the northern site of Sularmani Temple.

           Our group had seen a pair of Hooded Treepie at the same time where we were relaxing under the shady Acacia tree. Later near on that corner found another pair. On the other side,  a family of Hodded Treepie include a juvenile  had been seen by the next group.

          The dusk minute brought to all us to the Hotel. The name of the Hotel “Thiri Gay Har” offered sumptuous meals. That was included in the nice accommodation. All the Hotel staffs are very kind and so friendly.

         The second day activity was held around Phayar Thone Suu areas in order to get the rest bird species. We observed more Jerdon’s Minivets there and their ecology which is particular site for those species.

           In spite of being launched to find the less chance species at the rest of the time, anticipating rain for all Bagan dwellers made a slightly difference for us. Nevertheless, we spend spare time advantageously at Café shop by recording check list of the whole trip. The total 56 bird species were for two days observation record in Bagan. In the evening, the Ferry Bus from Elite agent pick up us at our staying Hotel. Then, we came back to Yangon By Elite (Executive Night Bus).

        In conclusion, birding activity in Bagan and nature conservation awareness was successfully developed in region after two days active action.