Birding activity Hpa-an

2nd Birding activity Hpa-an trip report

In the first week of June 2019, birding activity and environmental awareness program was held in Hpa-an cooperation with S.S.T Tourism and KSTGA for three days. About 50 persons from KSTGA joined in our activity.

The lecture was held at Youth Learning Centre(YLC) in the morning. In the evening, we introduced birding activity around Kyauklat, base of Mt. Zwekabin, Kawkon Cave, Yaethaepyan Cave and Kywemin Cave. In our action, bird conservation, waste management and environmental awareness had been shared.

Moreover, we had discussed the main fact of threatened wildlife animals such as habitats encroachment, illegal settlement, habitats destruction, illegal grazing, uncontrolled forest fire, natural disasters, unplanned infrastructure developments, expansion of industrial belts, agriculture plots close to forest, poaching, hunting, illegal wildlife trafficking, high demand for bush meat as well as transmission of disease to wildlife from domestic animals.

Our team had recorded about 60 bird species in Hpa-an. Nine Limestone Wren Babblers which is very highlight species of the region was the most special species for us. And, the Limestone Wren Babbler in Hpa-an is a feature subspecies because of his characteristic white-throated and white-bellied. We hope that it might be endemic species of Myanmar in the near future.

By Htay Ngwe