Bird Watching & Nature Conservation Awareness Talk

Bird Watching & Nature Conservation awareness talks at BEHS Hlegu have been launched by MBNS(Myanmar Bird & Nature Society) and S.S.T Tourism Co., Ltd. Three of SST Tourism Staff shared bird watching and Nature Conservation Awareness knowledge for two hours. By the requesting of a local well-wisher volunteer, these topics emphasized bird watching and nature conservation was given to over 500 Grade 10 students at BEHS Hlegu.

First, we introduced MBNS and SST Tourism company briefly then its vision and mission.  And, introducing the nature and benefits of the new ideas to local communities is important. Delivered Bird watching definition such as why, where, who, when, and purpose of bird watching, the advantages of bird watching, habitats, ecosystems, food, ….etc. bird species and IUCN status, threatened species and habitats, ways of conservation methods, sustainable development,  waste management and introduce popular bird watching sites of Myanmar. Moreover, we explained sustainable management of the natural environment is necessary to develop ecotourism.

And, we made a few questions to them dealing with Bird watching & Nature Conservation awareness topic. We were so amazed and satisfied to hear that their knowledgeable response and overt questions.  We were very glad that occasionally opportunity talks. We’ll be ready at anytime and anywhere to share this unessential knowledge in the community and among young generations focusing on Bird watching & Nature Conservation awareness talks.