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Myanmar Culture Tour

The Myanmar Culture Tour is a great choice for those short on time. It crams all of the Myanmar’s most famous destinations into just a seven days itinerary.


This Suvannabhumi Exploration Tour takes you to the most interesting historical sites of Mon State and Kayin State. Observation to Cultural Heritage Zone.

Panoramic View Point of Mogoke

Mogok Trip (Ruby Land)

Amazing Mogok Trip (Ruby Land), Land of very famous Ruby in the world. Discover the realistic jade and Ruby mines. Natural Scenic beauty & selection stones.

Myanmar Endemic Birding Tour

The tour is focusing on world-famous Bagan(10th – 13th century) in dry zone area and Natmataung (Mt.Victoria) to target 9 endemic species of birds, rare species, Himalayan species, near-endemic species of birds along with the different habitats. Opportunity to get and touch with nature and rural life of the village people in the country site. Amazing Birding with expert bird guide.

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