Why Book with SST Tours

Most of our client & referrals answer why book with SST Tours.

Why book with SST Tours
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1. We offer professional service

We have been operating tours in Myanmar since 1997. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied and have everything they need. With over a decade of experience working with international visitors, we are ready to cater for any request and handle anything that might come up.

2. We offer unique tours

We are pioneers in the field of eco-tourism in Myanmar and many of our tours have a strong environmental focus. Our tours take you off the beaten track and allow you to experience all the sights, sounds and flavours of the country. Even our classic tours which visit the major destinations still have the unique SST Tours touch.

3. Expertise and enthusiasm

We believe our country is an amazing place and we are eager to show it to visitors. Our staff and guides are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. This shines through in our tours.

4. We have an excellent reputation

SST Tours has a very strong reputation as a tour company that offers excellent service, products and a commitment to eco-tourism. Have a look at the recommendation of our company at MekongResponsibleTourism.Org, TripAdvisor, LonelyPlanet,

5. We practice responsible and sustainable tourism.

We are committed to responsible, sustainable tourism in Myanmar. This is not just reflected in the design of our tours, but also in the work we do. We are at the forefront of promoting sustainable tourism in Myanmar and volunteer our time and money to help with community based tourism development in Myanmar. When you book with us, you know that your money will be invested in these efforts. To find out more about the work we do, please see the page about our community development work.