Community Work

Community Based Tourism Workshop in Ye, Mon State

SST Tourism’s Community Work

SST has been involved in community activities for nearly 15 years, including infrastructure development, advisory, and training. In both our business and non-profit activities, we pay attention to the social and environmental impact, ensuring to always improve the condition of the earth and its people. Some examples of SST’s activities include:

Ngapali development: Infrastructure for sustainable tourism

SST constructed the bridge and road to the village already in 1996. Later, in 2010, we initiated and assisted in the opening of a library and computer class in Ngapali. SST also sponsored training on Community-Based-Tourism to encourage the local tourism’s sustainable development.

Naga community: cultural conservation

SST has been working with the Naga community since 2000, to conserve the tribe’s school, museum, and library. SST has been advising the community and financially assisting it to develop areas such as health and education.

Nature conservation

SST designed the curriculum on nature conservation for schools in Myanmar. In 2000, we founded the Myanmar Bird and Nature Society(MBNS) dedicated to bird lovers, it is still active in Yangon today.

Community- Based Tourism workshops

SST has been giving CBT workshops in country-wide locations (Twante, Mottama, Bagan, and others) to raise awareness among local people and the private sector about the effects of tourism and their role in it.